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Become what you are.

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“We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated refusal of that which others have made of us.”
Jean-Paul Sartre


When we allow ourselves to be open to that which is already on fire within us, blocking out the image of “you” that others have created, learn to accept ourselves exactly the way that we are; bruised, broken, flawed, happy, sad, anxious, inspired, stuck, silly, and every perfect imperfection which makes us WHAT and WHO we are- we can truly fall in love with ourselves, create a larger image of self-worth- therefore paving a path to happiness and success.

❤ Britt


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  1. Chris Hunsicker

    I entirely agree…
    We all have a set of inspirations and interests already built inside of us based on our personalities that have been battered, beaten, broken and bashed in some sort of way. Its simply a matter of realizing that those negatives have made us who we are and leaving it at that. The next goal is to finally be able to put our beaten battered traits to rest, get out of the stagnant water we have been treading in and find that pure and natural bright light within us to push ourselves to the next level in our lives.
    This is where I am now in my life. Its a remarkable cross road in life that everyone experiences in infinite ways.
    Thank you Brittany Wilson for the opportunity for everyone to share their experiences and memories with people from all back grounds.

    • Thank you Chris, you are so correct. You have a wonderful writing ability, you should share a story with Pain to Paper and I will feature it 🙂 Writing is good for the soul. ♥ Britt

      • Chris Hunsicker

        Your always welcome=)
        Thank you Britt, so do you.
        I was actually just thinking of a story I could write. Im workin on it..
        Writing has always put my soul at ease. Its like a purge valve on a semi trucks air system when the pressure has reached its cut off..(that ttsssst)lol…

  2. Great way of visualizing it! lol I love it. 🙂


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