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The RE-CONNECT Challenge!

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“Compassion is not something you have; it is something you share.” – Shannon L. Alder

How many people in your life have you lost touch with recently? Over the last few months, year, 5 years? Maybe they have needed you but haven’t known exactly how to go about approaching you. Whether you had a falling out, or maybe you just both became busy with new endeavors in life- I challenge you to RE-CONNECT.

I always find it inspiring and amazing how even over time and distance a lot of us have the ability to pick up right where we left off. We all NEED each other in one way or another. A good friend of mine moved about 45 minutes away and I haven’t seen her or connected with her in person in far too long. Today she messaged me that she had a dream last night about her and I and our children all getting together and she woke up missing us! I don’t believe that those things are at all a coincidence.

My friend continued to tell me about some very tough things that she has been going through in her life recently that I would have had NO IDEA about had we not RE-CONNECTED. How can we support each other if we don’t reach out a hand or extend our hearts to friends? Make yourself available to those who may need you, I promise you there is no better feeling than offering an ear or healing words to someone you care for. Sometimes all we need is a simple email conversation, other times we are in need of a hug and some good laughs in person. Either way- this reminded me today that we are all in charge of staying in touch. Let go of the past and make the present count for yourself and for the people you love and cherish.


I hope your day is as wonderful as you.



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  1. Chris Hunsicker

    You nailed it dead on Britt. I have been missing so many friends and framily (friends that are like family) that I haven’t talk to in awhile that were always a positive impact on my life. Once Im healed, I’m going to do just that. Thank you for the uplifting words and reminder of the good people I haven’t contacted.


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