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Laura’s House: Ending the Silence of Domestic Violence

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Laura’s House is celebrating their 20 year anniversary!

This organization is so very dear to my heart.  I was at Laura’s House scared, shaken, an absolute mess just a little over a year ago.  I was made to feel like a HUMAN, like I mattered, like my pain was heard.  I felt SAFE which I had not felt in quite some time. They have sheltered and supported over 2,000 women and children and continue to make a difference daily. As a woman who came from an abusive relationship, living in fear, and feeling like I had nowhere to turn- the volunteers and staff of Laura’s house are HEROES. They may not perform a life-saving brain surgery, or cure any diseases- but they save women and children from enduring any more pain and trauma than they already have. They are full of helpful resources, provide a safe environment to receive help and assistance, and are caring and loving individuals. I wouldn’t be an honest woman if I told you that I didn’t go back to my abuser many times after visiting Laura’s House- but I want you to know that the resources and confidence they provided me with inevitably saved my life. Everyone’s situation is different, and often times in abusive and controlling relationships we are programmed to feel sorry for the abuser. “They are lost without us” “How could WE do this to our family” “They will die without us” These are phrases I heard over and over every time I would escape. If you are located in Orange County and are in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is- please refer them to Laura’s House. If you are someone who has a heart for these individuals and would like to donate to Laura’s House, please do so also. Every bit helps.  I have donated clothing to their resale store, and will continue to do whatever I can to help with this organization. These women and children are provided sleeping quarters, food, clothing, job assistance, and more. Without our donations this would NOT be possible.

Take a moment to learn more about this incredible organization:


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  1. My mom went here, too! She said it helped her immensely.


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