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Fess up Friday: Where art thou, Patience?

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Come on, how funny is this? I think we are all constantly exercising our need for more patience, or a better attitude while TRYING to be patient. As a mother of a little boy who often resembles the “Energizer Bunny”, some days I am shocked at the amount of patience I have displayed, other days I completely relate to this e-card. Oops, I’m human.

Sometimes I literally ask myself “WHAT are you in such a hurry for? Do you have a plane to catch or something?” It is a reminder that life can be fleeting. Sometimes I wish I had a remote with a pause button to just take a deep breathe, shift my focus, and remind myself to be still…but Apple hasn’t come out with that device yet.

Yesterday I had a “day-date” with my son. He has been wanting to go to Dave & Busters to play some arcade games and I promised him if he behaved this week I would take him! So, to the Irvine Spectrum we went.
I exercised my patience like a damn OLYMPIAN yesterday, and you know what?
I had the best time I have had in a long time.
Regardless of spending 20 minutes looking for parking, waiting in a seriously long line for lunch, almost dropping our entire tray of Chipotle-because this man didn’t hold the door open for me (Thank you, kind stranger!), chasing him around from game to game, calming his little fit when we had to leave… I DID IT!


10616703_732861553439699_3169697391658398418_n“Okay stop Mom, now you’re embarrassing me.”

10570437_732862086772979_5671894422745009512_nIsn’t he just the cutest?

So…then I had a serious “Aha Moment” at the end of our fun-filled day…

I pulled into our parking spot at home, turned around and looked at my “sleeping” child.
I realized how many times I had gotten frustrated when I was in a hurry (this is sad to even admit)
“Jett, come on. I don’t have time for this fake sleeping act! I can’t carry you…you are getting way too heavy and I have my bag, the groceries, your shoes and socks you took off in the back seat, I need you to get up and walk please.”

Then I felt sadness and guilt come over me and I realized how incredibly sweet this was.
How lucky was I that he chose to pretend he was asleep JUST so that I could carry him?
How much longer would I be able to do this?
He turns 5 in November…someday (much sooner than I would like to admit)
he will be much too big, and much too cool to be carried around by Mom.

I decided that from here on out that even if I have to make 4 trips to the car, even if my arms are aching, even if it makes me a few moments late to wherever I am going: I will slow down, be PATIENT, and embrace these moments.

How do you exercise your patience?  Yoga, Meditation, Screaming into a pillow?!
I want to know!



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  1. Jeanne Decamara

    If you can somehow master the art of patience and really try to “live in the now” you will be so lucky and so much happier than most. I work on that daily and it is really hard to do with all the distractions and stress, I take a really deep breath and say to myself Patience grasshopper!! Do you remember that? LOL Love you

  2. So sweet! Its true, sometimes you have to take a deep breath and realize how adorable what they’re doing is…event when its exactly not what you want it to be! 🙂

  3. I always feel so guilty too. I hate being rushed for anything because I feel like it turns me into a monster. And yes, soon he will be too big to carry, you’re right. You’re a great mom!

  4. He is a cutie! And honestly, I lock myself in the bathroom with a book so I can recharge. haha! Then again, I have 4 kids :/

  5. I am definitely not the most patient person in the world but I really do try! That’s so cute that he pretends so you’ll carry him 🙂

  6. Your little guy is super cute!

  7. I love this!! I have a three year old and I have to remind myself that the mess means we have a lot and she loves her things, the 10 trips out of her bedroom at night means she wants to see me one more time before bed, and saying things 14 times means its really important to her. How lucky he is to have you for a mom!

  8. As a homeschooling mom of 3 special needs boys, writer, blogger…I’ve learned the art of patience. Are you ready for my big secret?…Smiling! If you’re wearing a smile, its hard to be upset. (Unless you’re joker) lol

  9. I am soooooo not a patient person, but I am totally trying to be better. Your son is super super cute!!!

  10. Being in a hurry is a huge issue for me as well. I tend to lose my patience more then than at any other time. I am working on it though.

  11. Aww, you guys are so precious! I love how you pointed out this lesson. I don’t have a kiddo of my own yet, but I often find myself in the same predicament with my pup. It can be easy to get frustrated with her, but at the end of the day she has such a good heart. That anger just isn’t worth it, is it? It causes you to lose track of the important moments.


  12. What adorable photos! Kids grow up fast, don’t they? Enjoy every momdnt with your little one!

  13. I think the fact that I started crying while reading this kinda says it all… my patience has been so thin lately and I go to bed every night feeling insanely awful and guilty about it. They’ll be grown up with little ones of there own before we know it…

    • I know *exactly* how you feel…the guilt makes me so emotional sometimes. I have to constantly REMEMBER to remind myself of this. It’s not easy, because life at times can be overwhelming and stressful, but it’s possible to be calmer and more patient 99% of the time. Don’t beat yourself up too much, we may be Mothers but we are human too. ❤

  14. This post is so cute and so nostalgic! I always used to pretend to be asleep in the car so that my parents would carry me to bed. My poor parents, there are 4 of us!

    The two of you with your sunglasses on are amazing!

    Katie ❤

  15. Patience is always the toughest, but breathe deep and all will be okay!

  16. Awe, you guys are so cute! I love the photo in the glasses!

  17. that is really sweet! i guess that is true.. you only have so much time when they are at this stage. i don’t have kids… but i do know i could work on my patience a lot too.. maybe starting with my husband. 🙂

  18. Hi five! You did it! He is the cutest too! I imagined that tray of Chipotle… No bueno!

  19. Patience is definitely something parenthood has challenged me with. I have a hard time letting go of control and use to easily lose patience when I couldn’t control the way my child was behaving. I’ve learned that they need to enjoy the process of growing just like I need to learn to enjoy the process.

  20. Love this reminder to be patient. And the sunglasses pics are too cute. Mother/son dates with my littles are my favorite.

  21. Yoga is definitely a great way to be calm and exercise patience, I also love going for long walks for this same reason.

  22. I am the VERY worst at patience. Seriously. I cannot stop my anxious tendencies.

  23. He is the cutest!! I have no patience at all… like seriously. It’s bad :/

  24. The photos of the two of you are so cute! Patience is definitely not my strong suit, but I work on it, that’s for sure.


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